Miranda is not currently teaching scheduled classes in Playas del Coco and has moved to the Central Valley. If you wish to take a class with Miranda please arrange a private session. Miranda will post her new teaching schedule and location when the information is available.

About her Classes:

“Beginners are welcome at all classes but I encourage you to go easy and rest when you need to. Sometimes our egos need a rest just like our bodies, so it’s important to learn when to push and work hard and when to quiet the mind (and pace) and listen to the body. Like any physical exercise, you can hurt yourself doing yoga. That is why you must learn to practice with awareness and patience. Yoga teaches us more about ourselves than anything else. Enlightenment can’t be rushed nor can the overcoming of physical limitations. I promise you, if you keep this clear mind on your practice, yoga will do good things for your body, mind, and soul. The daily practice of yoga is what will help you most, not giving “all you got” in one class. Yoga is a way of life. Who you are politically, spiritually and physically are all important and must be incorporated into your practice.

I like to say this to my students: “The hardest part about yoga is not making excuses.”

I hope you enjoy my classes.”

-Miranda Abbott Wittman