“I have gained a lot with a steady six-day a week Mysore practice and I would strongly suggest that students learn the Ashtanga series. However, I also know (as a busy mom, business owner, and author) that there is not always the time or space (without interruptions) to follow the Mysore methodology. Sometimes, when I’ve tucked the kids into bed and the house is quiet, I work on smaller shorter series. I focus on poses that I might be struggling with and give myself time to explore other ways of building strength and/or increasing mobility. I hope you enjoy my training tips. Please feel free to contact me if you have specific questions or challenges.”

-Miranda Abbott Wittman

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“I am pleased that you are here and have decided to experience Yoga with Miranda. Yoga styles vary so it’s important that you find one that suits you. Every yoga style has its benefits and should be practiced for some time. Your body will be more open and free to accept knowledge from meditative, energetic and spiritual forms of yoga if you don’t have physical limitations. It is my belief that we are part physical body and part spiritual body, however, we cannot fully experience the spiritual body if we are held back by our physical self. For this reason, I find Ashtanga Yoga incredibly useful, especially for a beginner. However, one cannot experience the full spectrum of yoga without incorporating the other training like breathing and energy work, and certainly not without proper eating and rest habits. They go hand in hand.”

Take care of yourself and be mindful,