Workshop in Playas del coco

Join Miranda at Longev Fitness & Wellness Center

Saturday, April 3rd (4:00 pm – 6:00 pm)

Join Miranda for this informative yoga workshop. In this session, Miranda will focus on enhancing strength for the Ashtanga practice. This mat work series is designed for individuals rebuilding after injury, and individuals seeking to improve stability.

After Miranda’s fourth pregnancy she required physical therapy. The strain of her pregnancy caused a pelvic separation and split her abdominal muscles. Coming back to her Ashtanga practice was difficult. Miranda found the need to restore basic core and arm strength before being able to return to her series. Thus, Miranda developed essential mat exercises to help her through this transition.

Ashtanga requires physical strength. Not everyone is able to start with the primary series and some may even assume Ashtanga impossible. However, Ashtanga is a practice that helped Miranda through injury after her dance career ended abruptly some 15 years ago. These intense transitions in her life have led to the development of this class. She will blend the mat work she has recently developed with a foundational Ashtanga practice. The class will flow into a gentle restorative Yin Yoga session.

This workshop is designed to give you the tools required in order to approach the Ashtanga practice and key elements of the primary series – including the needed relaxation and rejuvenation your body, mind, and soul will enjoy. 

Please register in advance.

Cost: $10 (Payment can be made at Longev Fitness and Wellness)

Please bring
  • comfortable clothing
  • yoga mat
  • water
  • blocks or straps if desired
  • smiles!